About Us

RAW24 Fitness Centre is a niche business bringing innovation to the Health and Fitness Industry.  The business model is structured around the key working foundations of the Health and Fitness Industry, bringing forth a competitive advantage by utilising innovative points of differences through the quality of products, services and a continuous improvement system to ensure customer satisfaction.

RAW24 is a high quality, affordable fitness centre in Melbourne’s west. Providing 24/7 Gym facilities with quality instructors, programs and equipment...

Our passion for empowering members to live fit and healthy lives is reflected in everything we do. We realise that the toughest step is often taking that first step into a gym, and that’s why our clubs feel more like communities. Here, you can be yourself, go at your own pace and get the inspiration and support you need to achieve your best every day.

Our goal is to guide you to success while giving you the tools that will allow you to thrive! We deliver workout experiences that are not only challenging and motivating, but also fun and inviting. So whether you’re looking to get back on track, start fresh or simply not sure where to start, you’ll always be welcomed. Let us connect you with results that help lead to a stronger, bolder, more incredible you inside and outside the gym.

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